The India Heritage Center: Museum of the Indian Journey to the US had its launch on June 5th 2016.

The IHC volunteers, Rajiv Advani, Lavina Datwani, Priya Israni, Dinesh Khosla and Vini Melwani are committed to capturing, promoting and preserving the individual and collective experience of the Indian diaspora of the USA.

Their goal is to display and document stories of immigrants upon arrival to assimilation and to highlight achievements and contributions along with any struggles faced in different fields. Their aim is to foster an understanding and respect for Indian heritage and culture in the wider society.

The very first exhibit showcased pioneers and leaders of media. The honorees were Vipp Jaswal, Head of International Affairs Fox News, Rashmee Sharma, Author, and Journalist, founder of Roshni Media, Raju Sethi, founder, CEO and President of AVS, and Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Physician, Philanthropist, India Advocate and founder of Parikh Worldwide Media.

At the launch event, guests were welcomed to an afternoon of drinks and hor d’oeuvres, followed by stories and videos related by each of the honored guests.

The exhibits featured and showcased each one of their contributions to Media, each inspiring and giving a glimpse of their achievements in their different fields.

To share your stories with us through personal testimonies and narratives expressed through audio or visual mediums, photographs and artifacts, please email Vini Melwani at

The Museum of the Indian Journey to the US, will honor and preserve your stories and heritage, so future generations can reminisce and be inspired by your experiences.